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Welcome To My Website...

Welcome To My Website…

My Website

Hey, I wanted to make a blog post to welcome you to my brand new website. I have always wanted my own personal website but I never got around to starting it. This is something totally new for me but I wanted to create a place where you can find out much more about me than what is on my NiteFlirt profile.

Also you can find out any new updates of stuff  (videos, pictures & audios) of me that I’m working on. Having my own blog is also great because I can talk about different sexual subjects, why I enjoy them (in detail) and that I can write something longer than 140 characters (take that, Twitter!).  

After months of owning this domain, I finally decided to stop slacking and put my ass into gear and create my own website. After working on it almost non-stop for about two weeks, it’s finally done and I’m very excited to share this with you. 

Anyway, if you stumbled upon this website and we have never talked on the phone…this website is meant to be an introduction to me, where you can even hear my voice and even see me in my short little video clip (yes, I’m real!), learn about why I enjoy phone sex and what my specialties are. Or if you found me through NiteFlirt and are curious about me and we have never talked before, this is a great starting point.

My site features five different sections besides this one: All About IleneMy SpecialitiesCustom MP3ShopFeedback

  • All About Ilene is about me, me, me, me ;). Who I am and what my non-sexual interests are – why I enjoy phone sex – what got me attracted to NiteFlirt and what I think phone sex is truly about.
  • My Specialities – tells you some of the things I enjoy talking about and why I enjoy talking about them. From roleplays, to storytelling, to taboos, to sensual domination are just a couple of things that I enjoy discussing over the phone.
  • Custom MP3 – is something totally new that I’m offering. I love to write, edit and create mp3s by being able to use my creativity, voice and mind. But I wanted to extend it beyond what I offer as mp3s that anyone can buy, something made totally specific to your needs and private.  Just for you to listen to anytime you want, anywhere you want, so you can have my sweet voice and naughty imagination with you.
  • Shop is a place where you can find all my goodies that are on NiteFlirt but more in detail. You can sort through the different categories (mp3, videos and pictures), see what kind of tags they have and if there is a special price on them. All my pictures and videos are entirely of me. My mp3s are written, edited and created by me. You can buy all my goodies securely through NiteFlirt.com but this is just an easier and quicker way to find exactly what you want.
  • Feedback – is made especially just for you. You can fill out as much as you want or as little as you want. I will love to hear what you think of my site (you can even fill it out anonymously) so you can be as honest as you want to be. It’s important to me that this site shows you a little more about who I am and that you enjoyed your time on here.

So I hope you enjoy this website and feel free to leave me comments through the feedback on here or personally mail me on NiteFlirt. Or if this sparked your interest, call me and let’s see what kind of naughty fun we can have together. 

Call Ilene for phone sex on Niteflirt.com

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