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My Specialities

Ilene’s Specialities

Some of my favorite things and why I enjoy them:

  • Roleplays Of All Kinds – I definitely enjoy to roleplay with you and being the girl of your dreams: hot, naughty girl next dooryour bratty, lil cockteaseyour slutty, homewrecking babysitteryour sensual, erotic seductressyour sweet, innocent schoolgirl and so much more.

  • Taboos – Are you seeking that uninhibited pleasure?  I do enjoy exploring the darker side of things – the naughty, the nasty, the extreme and the forbidden. Share with me those deepest, darkest desires and let me take you there.

  • Fantasy Storytelling – Maybe you will like to sit back and relax and let me take you to an erotic journey of your favorite fantasy.  Letting me create a story tailored just for you so you can just close your eyes and make yourself feel good.

  • Girlfriend Experience – What is girlfriend experience? It’s about us connecting beyond our sexual desires. It’s about us talking, getting to know one another and discovering each others sexuality. It can be a very fulfilling and intimate experience.

  • Confessions – Do you have a deep dark secret that you like to confess? Maybe you like to wear your wifes panties? Or like to suck cock? Maybe imagining your wife cuckolding you and fucking another man?  Share with me that secret.

  • Oral Sex – I have quite an oral fetish. I enjoy sucking it nice and slow or deep and sloppy. I love to taste your cock, feeling it swelling up in my mouth and sliding my pouty lips up and down as I taste that sweet precum…making you throb until you cum.

  • Sensual Domination – Imagine me tying you up, seeing my beautiful body in a sexy dress while you are totally exposed in bed. Blindfolding you, touching you lightly and you can smell my perfume on my neck. Using your senses in a very sensual, teasing, exciting way while I’m in total control.

  • BDSM – I love to explore the wide spectrum of BDSM. I don’t believe in limiting myself and I do have real life experience. I have explored my dominant side and my submissive side…so I know exactly what it’s like to be in subspace or in topspace.

  • Mutual Masturbation – Enjoy hearing a woman cum for you? As much as I enjoy to make you orgasm, I enjoy orgasming also. As you stroke your cock, I’m touching my pussy and building up that climax together until we both cum.

  • Casual Conversations – While I enjoy the sexual aspect of phone sex, I definitely love connecting with you on a different level. I do love conversations about various subjects from movies, to politics, to world news, traveling and so much more.

  • If you are into something that is not listed here and wondering if I’m into it or not…feel free to message me and I’ll get back to you!

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