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Order Your Custom MP3 With Me 

What is a custom mp3 and what can you expect from it?

A custom mp3 is an mp3 tailored completely to your needs, desires and wants. Something made only for you (will never be resold to anyone else ever) that you can listen to as much as you want/whenever you want and you can enjoy it unlimited times without having to worry about privacy issues or if you are a bit uncomfortable speaking on the phone.

What kind of mp3 can I create for you?

I can create/write/read all types of fantasies/roleplays of your favorite fantasy girl to telling you a sexy story to giving you a blowjob to guided masturbation. For more information, check out my specialities to get an idea of the different ranges that I offer. If you don’t have a specific theme or an idea, just let me know your turn ons/turn offs/hot buttons and I can create something just for you.

What kind of quality can you expect from me?

You can expect the highest sound quality. I record on a Samson Meteor Mic in a quiet environment and I edit the mp3 to make sure there is no weird buzzing sound or anything that will distract you from listening to my voice. I can send it to you as an mp3 or wav file. That is totally up to you.

How much does it cost and how do you receive it?

A custom mp3 from me costs $2.99 per minute (I will write the story/roleplay for you). You receive it through Niteflirt as a PPV or as a Goodie. That is totally up to you.

How does the process work?

  • You request a custom mp3 through NiteFlirt by clicking here which will send you the link where you can fill out my form.
  • You fill out the form and when I receive it, I will send you a Payment Request on NiteFlirt.com (deposit 50% of the total cost) that you have to purchase and once I receive your payment I will start working on the mp3.
  • Within a week or so (sooner if you offer me a script), you will receive a PPV (Pay To View Mail) or as a private Goody Bag from me that includes your exclusive mp3.
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