All About Ilene

Want to know a little bit more about the girl behind the pictures and the voice? 

My name is Ilene (pronounced Ilean). I’m in my 20s, single, currently a waitress but planning on going to school to get my bachelor’s degree. I’m playful, open-minded, adventurous and down-to-earth girl who loves music, art, traveling, video games, movies, going to the beach and so much more.

Now on to the naughty stuff. I love to explore the sexual side of things, especially the taboos, the unusual, the unconventional kinky form of sex. I have always had a curious mind and I loved to daydream all the time (I still daydream). As I have gotten older, that curiosity extended to sexuality. As my sexuality has evolved, I found NiteFlirt and have been on there for over 3 years.

It feels like a natural fit for me to be a phone flirt because I’m highly sexual, love eroticism, fantasizing and exploring my sexual side.

I’m also very much an aural person and there is something about hearing a guys voice over the phone that makes it a huge turn-on for me and phone work seems to compliment my aural fetish (I also have an oral fetish…haha). But while I love all those naughty things…I also enjoy getting to know you and connecting with you on a personal level.

I’m a genuine, real girl who loves what she does and as your phone flirt…I believe phone sex is very much an experience. It’s about having that personal connection with you, knowing your turn-ons and turn-offs and knowing exactly what drives you to the edge. Phone sex can be incredibly intimate and exciting when you find that right partner on the phone.

To find out what I can offer you during our call, click my specialities. You can also check my blog to read about any updates from me or learn a little bit more about me.

For your personal needs…I also offer mp3s (also offering custom mp3s), pictures and videos of me that you can check out in my shop. But much more than that…I would love to connect with you and talk to you on the phone and to see where things take us.  

I do hope you enjoyed reading about me and hope to talk to you soon!

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